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    In addition to selling our berries Fresh in Season, and Frozen, we sell Freeze Dried berries. As we feel that we have some of the healthiest berries that can be grown in Canada, we didn’t want to destroy the antioxidants by cooking, pasteurization and/or heat dehydration. The freeze-drying process is the only process that retains 97% of the antioxidants of the berries next to eating them fresh, keeping the flavour, smell and colour intact. Freeze Drying reduces the water content of food to just above 1%, providing a product that with proper storage will last for years.

    Advantages of Freeze Dried Products:

    • Available all year, no price fluctuation
    • Nutrition doesn’t deteriorate - always the same nutritious greatness
    • Stores at room temperatures - no need for refrigeration or freezers - no more freezer burn
    • Ease of Use - eat as is or add to your favorite smoothie, salad, oatmeal, baking,etc. Add water to the powder for juice.
    • Take it with you - to work, in the car, on the plane, on your hike, bike, etc. for an on-the-go healthy snack. Light weight, no napkins, or dishes required; a no fuss, no muss snack.


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