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    Freeze Dried Haskap Berries

    We freeze dry our premium berries to provide a nutritious shelf stable berry that can go any where you go.

    Need a source of energy?
    Take this light weight snack pack with you on your hike, run, road trip, or where ever you are or go.
    Eat as is and let the berries melt in your mouth to enjoy the tangy, sweet taste of the Haskap Berry.

    Add to your breakfest smoothie, cereal, yogurt to give a boost to your day!
    Add to your ice cream for a delicious, nutritious dessert!
    Add a zip to your cocktails or water for the tantilizing taste of the Haskap!
    Add to your muffins, cheesecake or other recipes!

    • Whole washed Haskap Berries
    • No additives
    • GMO-Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Free of pesticides and herbicides
    • No Preservatives


    Parameters Specifications
    Method of Drying Freeze Dried
    Flavour Haskap Berry
    Color Dark Burgundy
    Particle size Whole berries, Cluster of berries, pieces of berries
    Moisture content 1.1 g/100g
    Brix 82
    Water Activity < 0.113
    pH < 3.5

    Package Size Prices Buy Now
    30 Gram / 1 oz (3/4 Cup) $7.00
    80 Gram / 2.8 oz (2 1/4 Cup) $18.50
    454 Grams / 1 Lb. (12.5 Cups) $90.00
    1 Kg / 2.204 Lbs. (28 Cups) $155.00
    Case of 36 - 30 g. pkgs. $180.00


    Parameters Specifications
    Storage For maximum shelf life, store in air tight containers in a cool, dry area
    Shelf Life Properly stored, product will maintain shelf life of 25 years
    Packaging Sealed in a 5mil FDA and USDA compliant barrier pouch bags with oxygen absorbent pads
    Pack Sizes 30 grams up to 1 Kg.

    • Source of Energy
    • Source of Fibre
    • Source of Vitamin C
    • Free of Saturated Fats
    • Free of trans fat
    • Free of cholesterol
    • Free of soldium or salt
    • Low in Fat

    High Levels of Polyphenols, Flavonoids:
    • Anthocyanadins - 1,880 mg / 100 g
    • Anthocyanins - 3,010 mg / 100g
    • Cyanidin-3-glucoside(c3g) - 990 mg/100 g
    • Iridoids

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