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Dwarf Sour Cherries


We are located adjacent to the village of Midway, BC. Midway is on Highway 3, halfway across British Columbia’s interior, between Grand Forks and Osoyoos and just north of the Washington State, US Border. This area is considered semi-arid and in growing zone 4.

We started farming near Langdon, Alberta in 1985, where we grew our farm to a successful hay enterprise, growing and marketing certified weed free hay to horse, alpaca and llama clients around Calgary, across Alberta and into BC.

In 2006, we sold our Alberta farm and purchased land at our existing location in BC, where we again grew and marketed hay. We discovered Haskaps in 2010, and started our orchard in the fall of 2010, which not only includes Haskaps, but Saskatoons and Dwarf Sour Cherries.

In 2014, we put in place our CanadaGAP Good Agriculture Practice and Food Safety Program, and it has been audited and certified by 3rd party NSF-GFTC every since, for the Production and Packing of our fruit.

We started the building of our processing facility in 2013 and in 2015 it was registered by CFIA as a “Processed Fruit and Vegetable Establishment”. We are currently expanding this certification to include the production of food products.

Murray and Susan Kirkpatrick