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    Grown in British Columbia, Canada near Midway

    Having been both raised on farms in Alberta and Saskatchewan, farming was in our blood. We established a successfull weed free hay enterprise in Alberta, prior to selling and moving to our current location in BC in 2007.

    We discovered Haskaps in 2010, and started our orchard that fall.

    Canada Gap Certificate

    In 2014, we put in place our CanadaGAP Good Agriculture Practice and Food Safety Program, and it has been audited and certified by 3rd party NSF-GFTC every since, for the Production and Packing of our fruit.

    Safe Food for Canadians Certificate

    We built our processing facility in 2013 and in 2015 was registered by CFIA as a “Processed Fruit and Vegetable Establishment, #123”. In 2019 we completed our CFIA Dairy Certification for our Freeze Dried Dairy products - Ice Cream, Yogurt and Cheese Cake.

    Our Safe Food for Canadians Certifcate, 4M4NRJL8, is in place, with Preventative Control Plans in place for each product we produce.

    In 2019 we registered with the FDA in the United States.

    Murray and Susan Kirkpatrick