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We produce, package and distribute our own grown superberries:


Since our first 5-acre planting of Haskaps in 2010, our plant population has grown to over 51,000, of which the majority are now producing. Our varieties consist mostly of Aurora and Indigo Gem, but we also have Tundra, Borealis, Indigo Treat, Indigo Yum, Boreal Beauty, Boreal Blizzard, Boreal Beast, Taka, Tana, Keiko, and Kawai. Our first planting use Cinderella, Honey Bee and Berry Blue as pollinators. Aurora is now our berry of choice, not only as the pollinator but as the berry we use for fresh, frozen and freeze dried.


Our Dwarf Sour Cherries were planted in 2010 and 2011, with a plant population of 350. Our varieties include the Romance Series (Romeo, Juliet, Cupid, and Valentine), Carmine Jewel and Crimsom Passion, all of which are in full production.


We planted our Saskatoons in 2010 and have a plant population of 670 trees. Our varieties include Northline, Smoky, Honeywood,Theissen and Lee#8. These are now in full production.